We facilitate Russian and international companies in reaching greater effectiveness with lean principles.

We support our clients through all stages of operational efficiency boosting projects: in defining the production system development strategy, in training and certifying the employees, in realizing master projects, replicating solutions, auditing the production system.


We offer all training programs required for applying lean production, from introductory courses and workshops on certain instruments to internal trainers' and project managers' education programs.

Among our clients

Most our clients aim at Operational Excellence, which means industry leadership in productivity, quality and costs reduction – World Class Performance.

To reach this goal our clients launch production system development based on Lean Six Sigma. While deploying Kaizen philosophy they involve all employees in continuous improvement of all enterprise processes.

Industry solutions

Production System Development

Improvement Focus: productivity and safety of manufacturing and service companies.

Production System development is a complex project that gives the greatest advantage due to synergy emerging from applying lean instruments and changing organizational culture.

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Our Team

Every day we enhance our knowledge, skills and competences. We strive to learn new trends and methods and improve the environment.

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We are looking for new team members! We want them to be young, well-educated, motivated, energetic, persistent and ready for continuous improvement.

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