About us


KIODA Company was founded in 2004.

We do:

  • Consulting on implementing Lean Manufacturing in an enterprise
  • Trainings on Lean and Kaizen instruments

Our clients are companies from most major branches of industry.

Inside our company, we aim at becoming the paragon of efficiency, just like TOYOTA worldwide. This aim of ours is expressed in the name KIODA, which is a derivative of two Japanese symbols meaning common path and partnership. This is how we express our philosophy: succeeding together with our clients, offering solutions for a long-term prospect, collaborating with our clients with trust and partnership relations.

Our competitive advantage is a totally practical approach to the projects, that allows us to efficiently influence manufacturing proceses, management methods and the way of thinking.

Our Team


Mr. Kanareykin studied applied mathematics in Moscow Technological University (MIREA) and finance management in the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation.

He has been practicing consulting since 1994. Before founding KIODA he had been responsible for big management and IT projects in BDO Unicon and Energy-Consulting.

In 2004 he became CEO in KIODA, and was the head of KAIZEN Institute in Russia from 2008 to 2014.

Mr. Kanareykin is an expert in lean technologies and Kaizen, business process excellence and risk management and an experienced business trainer.

Ivan Levchenko, Consultant

Mr. Levchenko is a graduate of Makarenko Sumy State Pedagogical University (English and German interpreter and translator).

Before joining KIODA he was in charge of business projects in manufacturing, construction and agriculture.

Mr. Levchenko is an expert in lean technologies and Kaizen, and implementing lean instruments in an enterprise and an experienced business trainer.

Anton Panfilov, Associated partner

Mr. Panfilov is a graduate of RUDN University (applied mathematics and economics), the Higher School of Financial Management (with a diploma of a financial manager), the Institute for Business and Administration (MBA), Lomonosov Moscow State University (organizational psychology and human resource management).

He has been a consultant since 2005. He specialized in big projects on strategic planning, business process optimization and management system development in Russian companies leading in banking, agriculture, machine industry, manufacturing, retail and telecom.

Mr. Panfilov was department manager for organizational development in Sberbank, United Wagon Company and other companies.

Since 2007 he is a lecturer on Strategic management and Management System Efficiency Improvement in the Institute for Business and Administration and the Institute for Economic Strategies.

Mr. Panfilov is an expert in lean technologies and Kaizen, business process excellence and an experienced business trainer.

Sofia Karachentseva, Consultant

Graduated from Rostov State University (English and German interpreter and translator) and Southern Federal University (Organisatioanl Management)

Before entering KIODA had been in charge of a Quality and Claims Department in a big international company.

Joined KIODA in 2014.

Specializes in Quality Management Systems, ISO 9001; a QMS auditor. An expert in Lean and Kaizen. Business-trainer.

Partnership programs

KIODA is constantly developing its capacities and is looking for new opportunities to yield improvements for their clients. A modern successful business must be collaborative and flexible. Therefore we welcome the experience of our partners in the neighboring areas to increase the effectiveness of our lean solutions.

We believe in our fruitful partnership in the spheres of business software development, engineering, logistics and human resource development.

On our side, KIODA offers its partners different ways to integrate lean tools into their products and services.


We are hiring new team members for different positions

Minimum required skills:

  • College degree in technical science
  • Your own successful projects (in any field)
  • Computer skills in MS Office
  • Excellent spoken and written Russian
  • Good knowledge of statistical production management
  • English at intermediate level


  • Diploma with honours
  • Free spoken and written English
  • Sports

We offer:

  • Flexible hours
  • Business trips around Russia and CIS
  • Solid salary

If you are interested, send us your CV to

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