Industry solutions

Lean principles are universal and can be applied at any company. We possess a vast experience in different braches of industry and help our clients to avoid typical mistakes while implementing lean and to adapt lean instruments to see the greatest effect.

Machine Building

Machine Building is the industry where lean principles were formulated. Companies of this branch want our help in raising the capacity of machines and people, reducing work-in-process inventory, cutting quality costs. In this industry, we use a large arsenal of lean instruments: assembly line design, Kanban information system, supermarkets, logistic trains, warehouse and external logistics, SMED, TPM, built-in quality, project management, production culture development, etc.


Paper and packaging production

The clients of this industry have the greatest expectations towards brining down waste, raising productivity, reducing inventory.

To complete these tasks we applied: focused problem solving (Kobetsu Kaizen: 8D, RCFA), SMED, building quality in production process, administrative process efficiency boost up.


Retail and distribution

This branch has a clear view on its customers and thus is easily susceptible to lean principles. The companies of this branch usually expect administrative processes acceleration, inventory time decrease, operational risks reduction, productivity rise and still greater focus on the customer. For these companies we apply our solutions of organizing warehouse and external logistics, problem solving methods, business process excellence and risk management.


Finance service

Banking organizations put great effort in perfecting their processes, and that’s why our achievements here are so valuable. A key reserve for any kind of service structure, including banking and finance is service time reduction. We use stream and process mapping as well as Kaizen methods for problem solving to find impressive reserves for the enterprises.


Building industry

Applying lean instruments in building industry was one of the most difficult tasks for us. But we came up with a solution, for which we progressively analyzed and eliminated process failures that hindered the pace of the building process. This approach allowed us to increase productivity to a great extent and cut costs without any deterioration in quality and safety.


Mining and metallurgy

The size and competitive leadership of these companies challenge us to search for the most perfect solutions. As a result, we are proud to mention that our projects could pay for themselves many times over. These instruments boasted of the highest efficiency: Kobetsu (focused problem solving), risk management, waste reduction with SMED. The biggest effect was registered after cutting equipment downtime due to repairs.


Electricity production

The big size of the enterprises makes it most important to develop and sustain the corporate culture. Our tasks included a wide range of change support activities, from strategy definition to change implementation in production and service departments. The most effective tools turned out to be: focused problem solving (Kobetsu), 5S workplace management, administrative excellence, continuous improvement system.


Food industry

The clients of this industry have the greatest expectations towards reducing waste, raising productivity, decreasing inventory size.

We complete these tasks by creating a continuous improvement system. The most effective instruments are: SMED, focused problem solving (Kobetsu) and the 5S system.



Every manufacturing enterprise faces the tasks of order lead time reduction, defects number reduction, costs decrease, safety increase. In these companies our expertise is most applicable in such fields as: TPM, SMED, 5S, warehouse and production logistics, continuous improvement system.


Furniture and interior design

High quality costs, excessive inventory, long administrative processes compel the companies of this industry turn to us.

An assortment of standard parts and a variety of finished goods allow us to classify this branch as assembly. This opens great opportunities in using a large range of lean tools, just like for the machine building industry.


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